Collington Masonic Lodge No. 230 A.F. & A.M.

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What is Freemasonry and what does it teach?

Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraterntal organization in the world. It is dedicated to the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of the Supreme Being. It teaches its members to be good citizens, to have good character, to care for the less fortunate, and give back to their community. Freemasonry traces its roots to the Middle Ages. It is from associations of stone masons of Europe that the fraternity started. These stone masons eventually began to accept members who were not actual working masons. At that time they adopted the term "Ancient" Masons, and Freemasonry was born.

Contrary to the widespread misconception and untrue rumors, Freemasonry is not a secret society. The so-called secrets of Freemasonry have actually been in print for well over a century. The fraternity does nothing to hide its existence, purpose, or membership. Masons are proud of their membership to the fraternity and openly display their affiliation by wearing Masonic Ring, car tags, and other Masonic emblems. The lessons taught in our meetings are meant for improvement and education of members. Our rituals dramatize a philosophy of life based morality and encourages our members to be upright in all of their actions.

Freemasonry provides an opportunity for men to meet and enjoy commendatory among their brothers. In spirit of helpfulness and brotherly love, Masons extend a helping hand toward all mankind. Freemasonry promotes improvement in the character of its members; encouraging friendship and morality. The Masonic tools are symbols used to teach the basic principles of brotherly love, charity, and morality. These are principles which Masons are taught to practice in their daily lives. Great men throughout all ages have been promoters and encouragers of the Masonic principles and have proudly joined the fraternity.

No, Freemasonry is not a religion. However, it urges its members to be faithful and devoted to their own religious beliefs. One of the tenets of the Masonic Fraternity is that its members are free to express their beliefs in the religion of their choice. It is also a condition of membership that each recognize that the wonders of the universe are not here as a result of our doing, but rather a result of a Supreme Being. In every Masonic Lodge there can be found a book of holy scripture as a constant reminder of the Supreme Being, who brings order and purpose to our existence.



Regular Events

Regular Meetings:
7:30 pm - first & third Tuesday

Officers Practice:
7:30 pm - Every Monday
(all Master Masons invited)

Collington Lunch Bunch:
11:30 am - Every Wednesday
(all Masons invited)
Meets at Comfort Inn, Rt. 50 & 301

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